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Only the Freshest Ingredients

Eating should be an experience

At Fresh Connections catering we know that food is an important part of life. If the meal is not perfect, your event cannot be perfect. We know that it is critical for your food to arrive on time, to be presented beautifully, and to be delicious.


Commitment to Freshness

We pride ourselves on our commitment to freshness by using locally sourced food that never contains any preservatives or additives. Our chefs chop and prepare food fresh each morning, never the day before.


Commitment to Quality

We never compromise quality - it's the secret to our success. Even during the lean years, we continued to use the "best of the best" to give you our best. We are 100% committed to quality service.


Commitment to Passion

We have a passion for food, we're all foodaholics. Our heart and soul goes into everything we do. The food business is our life and we bring that passion to our food.

We’re Giving Back To Our Community

At Fresh Connections Catering, we proudly donate a portion of our sales to several charity projects each month. We believe that by working together, we can make our community stronger.

I recently started ordering catering from here for work. I'll be honest, I have yet to have anything mediocre from this place. They are prompt (if not 10 minutes early), the price is a deal for the quality of food and care received from here. I am very happy with Fresh Connections and will continue to order from them often.
Customer Satisfaction by Lela T
Lela T