The Fresh Connections Family

About Us

Our Belief

Eating should be an experience, not a chore. If your meals don’t excite you, don’t tempt you, then you deserve something better. Much better. At Fresh Connections Catering we know that food is an important part of life. If the meal isn’t perfect, your event cannot be perfect. We know that it is critical for your food to arrive on time, to be presented beautifully and to be delicious.

Our Approach

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Our food is superior because we use only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our farm-fresh produce is delivered every day and each of our delectable breads, pastries and dinner rolls are baked fresh daily. Fresh Connections prepares all of our sauces and foods from scratch—nothing is ever frozen or pre-made. There are no preservatives or chemicals in any of our meals and you can taste the difference in each bite.

Special Events

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With more than 20 years of experience planning social events and corporate catering, our staff can help you select the right menu at the right price. We are not satisfied until you are happy.

Whether catering for a corporate or a social gathering, we can guide you through the event planning process. Each event we cater is tailored to ensure a dining experience that is both interesting and enjoyable.

We’re Giving Back To Our Community

At Fresh Connections Catering, we proudly donate a portion of our sales to several charity projects each month. We believe that by working together, we can make our community stronger.